Why is it important to check out your potential Chinese agent/distributor….. ? 

You’ve found someone (online, during a visit or at an exhibition) who ticks all the boxes 

  • they will help to sell your products or services throughout China
  • they say they’ve got great connections and networks

All positive so far……but ….. 

Are they legitimate?
Are they a registered company?
How much of China can they cover?
Who else are they representing?
Do they have a good reputation? 

It is essential that you do your due diligence to make sure that your potential Chinese partner is who they say they are before you enter into a contract with them 

ConnectChina can provide you with a basic company check on your Chinese agent/distributor

Our basic check includes:

  • Business registration details including company name, type of enterprise, registered address, registration capital, legal owners, business scope, date of registration (if appropriate)
  • A telephone discussion with them to confirm the company’s details, size, nature of the business
  • Contact details of their other overseas buyers for references (if available)
  • Request for references

Price on application