Why is it important to check out your Chinese supplier….. ? 

You’ve found a supplier (online or at an exhibition) who ticks all the boxes 

  • they supply the goods you’re looking to source
  • they supply at prices you can make a profit on
  • they offer minimum purchase quantities you can afford


  • they say they are the manufacturer

All positive so far……but ….. 

  • they are asking for full payment up front

Are they legitimate?
Are they a manufacturer?
Are they a registered company?
Will the goods arrive? 

Finding a China supplier is easy. BUT it is essential that you do your due diligence to make sure that your supplier is who they say they are before you transfer funds into their bank account. 

ConnectChina can provide you with a basic company check on your Chinese suppliers

Our basic check includes:

  • Business registration details including company name, type of enterprise, registered address, registration capital, legal owners, business scope, date of registration
  • A telephone discussion with the supplier to confirm the company’s details, size, nature of the business
  • Contact details of their other overseas buyers for references (if available)

Price on application