‘Living with the Dragon’ Photograpy Exhibition by Clive Horsman – 3rd-30th November 2016

Clive Horsman ‘Living with the Dragon’ photography exhibition – a solo photographic exhibition at Square Chapel Centre for the  Visual Arts, Halifax, 3rd-30th November 2015

LWTDragon back

In the west, a dragon is usually perceived as a fire-breathing monster.  Not so in China where, by contrast, dragons are symbolic of potent and auspicious power, strength and good luck.

Historically the Emperor was considered the Golden Dragon and as such was all powerful. However, in modern China, the dragon  symbolises opportunity and success – the very drivers of the country’s incredible growth over the past 30 years with economic power and opportunity transferred to the people.

This selection of photographs provides a personal reflection of my time spent in Shanghai over the last four and a half years – living  and working alongside ‘The Dragon’ and witnessing the hope  and dreams of a Chinese people in transition.

Clive Horsman    November 2015

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